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Polyester lattice fleece is a type of synthetic fabric made from polyester fibers. It is a soft, lightweight, and warm fabric that is commonly used in clothing and outerwear.
The term "lattice" refers to the grid-like pattern of the fabric, which is created by a special weaving technique. This pattern helps to trap air between the fibers, providing insulation and warmth without adding bulk.
Polyester lattice fleece is known for its excellent moisture-wicking properties, which makes it a popular choice for active wear and outdoor activities. It can also be made to be water-resistant or waterproof, depending on the specific production process.
Another advantage of polyester lattice fleece is that it is easy to care for. It can be machine-washed and dried without losing its shape or becoming damaged. Additionally, it resists pilling, which means it does not develop those unsightly little balls of fabric that can form on some types of clothing.
Polyester lattice fleece is often used in the manufacturing of winter clothing, including jackets, vests, sweaters, hats, and scarves. It is also used in blankets, bedding, and other home textile products.
When choosing polyester lattice fleece, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you select the right fabric for your needs:
Purpose: Consider how you plan to use the fabric. Will it be for a jacket, vest, or sweater? Will you be using it for outdoor activities, such as hiking or skiing? Understanding the intended use of the fabric can help you choose the right weight, thickness, and other characteristics.
Weight: Lattice fleece is available in different weights, from lightweight to heavy. Lighter weight fleece is best for activities where you need to move around a lot and want something breathable, while heavier weight fleece is better for colder weather and activities where you will be stationary, such as camping or sitting around a fire.
Softness: One of the advantages of polyester lattice fleece is its softness. However, different types of lattice fleece can have varying degrees of softness, so it's a good idea to feel the fabric in person or read reviews from others who have used it to get an idea of its softness.
Moisture-wicking properties: If you plan to use the fabric for outdoor activities or sports, look for lattice fleece that has good moisture-wicking properties. This will help to keep you dry and comfortable, even when you sweat.
Color and pattern: Lattice fleece comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so choose one that fits your personal style and preferences.
Quality: Finally, look for high-quality lattice fleece that is well-constructed and made to last. Check for any defects, such as loose threads or pilling, before purchasing. A high-quality fleece will be more durable and provide better performance than a lower-quality fabric.